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In Germany, the majority of statutory health insurers now contribute to the costs of osteopathic treatment. Private health insurance companies cover up to 100% of the costs incurred, depending on the insured tariff. I fulfill the necessary requirements with regard to training, qualification and association membership. Please check with your insurance company or contact me if you have questions about reimbursement. In some cases, a doctor's prescription is required for reimbursement - any doctor or dentist can issue this informally.

Pricing and duration of treatment


Initial and follow-up treatment 80€ (45-60 Min)


Initial and follow-up treatment 95€ (45-60 Min)

You can pay on site with an EC or Credit card. Please cancel appointments at least 24 hours before the start of the appointment. In the event of late cancellation or no-show, the full price will be charged.

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