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What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic form of medicine in which diagnostics and treatment are carried out with the hands alone. It does not work on symptoms, but tries to find the cause of the problem. Body statics that are out of balance can cause pain in various places. Organs and their surrounding fascia can also be tense and restricted in their movement and affect the musculoskeletal system or vice versa. The goal of osteopathy is to detect and eliminate these tensions and blockages so that the body can align itself and its structures can move freely. This supports the circulation of blood and lymph so that the self regenerating powers can function ideally and the body can heal itself.

What is the treatment process? 

During the conversation and the physical examination, I want to find the cause of your complaint and then give an individual treatment. I am using mobilisation and massage to restore the body statics, relax muscles and inner organs and harmonize the nerval system. Depending on the person or the symptoms, the techniques used can be rather gentle or powerful.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

Basically for everyone. Often chronic or acute pain is the reason for osteopathic treatments. However, the goal of osteopathy is not only the relief of pain, but a general improvement of the body's ability to function. Therefore, it offers comprehensive support in a variety of diseases and can effectively accompany other medical measures. Even if there are no acute complaints at present, preventive osteopathic treatment can help the body to promote the natural mobility of tissues, muscles and joints -

always with the goal in mind of increasing long-term health, well-being and energy.

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